Monday, 13 June 2011

Victor S Weeks Okrafo-Smart - Okrafo - Palm Tree Publishing, Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire - 2006 - Signed Copy

Victor S Weeks Okrafo-Smart - Okrafo : Over a Century in the Lives of a Liberated African Family, 1816 - 1930 - Palm Tree Publishers, Cotgrave, Nottingham - 2006

An inhabitant of Nottingham, UK, Victor S Weeks Okrafo-Smart began work on this book after taking early retirement from the Queen`s Medical Centre, even going so far as to take a Master`s Degree in history to learn the skills of historical study.

 He benefited from the advice of Christopher Fyfe, at that time Reader in African History at the University of Edinburgh, who has contributed an introduction to the book. Fyfe states that the book is notable for "bringing to life  the ideas and activities of his family members and, in addition, making a valuable contribution to the historiography of Sierra Leone."

The book can be found at 4077 in our listings.Please note that the title on the cover is given as `Okrafo`, but internally it is given as `Okrafo-Smart Family`, which is the title the way it tends to be refered to within the book trade.

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