Monday 7 November 2011

Quotation Station 7 November 2011 - Stephen L Carter on Books

Quotation Station was a series of occasional postings I began elsewhere which, as the name implies was just a place to post various quotations which I though were interesting, humorous, apt or, mainly, just thought-provoking.

I think it`s time to re-incarnate Quotation Station, so here`s one I found earlier today  ;

"Have you ever thought about the importance of books to democracy ? I have in mind not just literacy, or reading, but actual, physical books. I have been giving the matter a lot of thought lately, trying to understand why democracy spread as books spread, not as literacy spread; and why, as books decline, the respect for the opinions of others that lies at the heart of the democratic process also seems to be dying..."

Stephen L Carter , found at , 19 June 2009.

Stephen Carter sounds an interesting figure. An African American academic and expert on American constitutional law, he is a noted newspaper/magazine columnist and social commentator. He is also a best-selling novelist and writes a blog about sport for the Washington Post.  A Christian of liberal leanings, his non-fiction has attracted praise from across the political spectrum.  He has commented "I believe in words. I believe in books. When I write non-fiction I am hoping to persuade. When I write fiction I am hoping only to entertain."

I must admit I know little else about him, but I like his style - I like anyone who refuses to be pigeon-holed and I would applaud him for that alone !

Wednesday 2 November 2011

The Big Hoonaloon Books Bonanza

The Hoonaloon Books 2011 pre-Xmas sale has just begun.

From 1 November 2011 - 27 November 2011, all the books in our listings on ABE  will be discounted by a massive 20% !

During the period in question we will continue to add new titles regularly in the normal way and these also will be discounted.

Please note that this discount only applies to books bought from us via one of the ABE sites (, etc) during the period 1 Nov - 27 Nov 2011, and that the prices currently shown on ABE are already discounted - all you have to do is find the book you want and place you order !

As always, if you have any questions, just ask.