Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Happy Birthday, Nelson Mandela

Various parties have gone online to post items commemorating Nelson Mandela`s birthday on Wednesday and slightly belatedly I`m going to do the same.

At risk of showing my age, I thought I`d post an image of my Free Nelson Mandela badge, which obviously dates from a time when Mandela`s circumstances were rather different to the ones he enjoys today.

I had hoped to post pictures of a few other relevant items of a similar vintage but unfortunately my inbuilt tendency to untidiness means that I`ve no idea where I`ve put them !  When I get a few moments I`ll see what I can find and post a few more images.

In the meantime, these two items may be of particular interest ;

Peter Clottey - South Africa`s Unions Congratulate Mandela on Birthday - 17 July 2012

VOA News - S. African School Children Sing Happy Birthday to Mandela - 18 July 2012

both of the above can be found at .

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