Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Humanism, Darwinism and the Question of Slavery

The phrase Darwinism, or sometimes Social Darwinism, is sometimes used to describe a rather ruthless `Survival of the Fittest`philosophy.

To my mind, evolution actually demonstrates `Survival of the Most Adaptable` , but let`s not get sidetracked. A quick trawl around shows us that Darwin` views have in fact been misrepresented.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Marilyn Mason`s article `Darwin, Slavery and Humanism - or What Would Darwin Do ?`, posted Wed 18 Jan 2012 at www.humanistlife.org.uk  . Ms Mason`s article, in addition to it`s merits on it`s own account, provides links to an old New Scientist article (Rowan Hooper - Hatred of Slavery Drove Darwin to Emancipate All Life - 29 January 2009 at www.newscientist.com ) and to the web site for the UK`s oldest charity, Anti Slavery , formerly known as  Anti Slavery International ( www.antislavery.org ).

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