Sunday, 22 January 2012

Update ; Minority Rights and Wrongs

Following disturbances in the Sudan recently, Minority Rights Group International has issued a press release, `Urgent Measures Needed...` dated 5 January 2012, which can be found in the `News` section of their website.

This fascinating organisation always has something interesting to say, often on matters that are largely ignored by the media.

In their `Minorities in the News` section, it was sobering to see two linked reports from last month ;

`MRG condemns campaign of disinformation and threats... ` followed, unfortunately by   `MRG expresses condolences over the death of human rights activist` . I hope that anyone reading this will also take a couple of minutes to read these.

MRG has no membership and relies on sales, subscriptions and donations.   At present, it receives funding from a number of  charitable/philanthropic organisations and from some governments. While it`s true that funding from governments could be a bit of a contentious issue, particularly when an organisation has no membership and therefore by definition cannot be democratic, there`s no evidence that I know of to suggest this has actually been a problem to date.

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